Our dental researchers use advanced diagnostics and discovery science to identify the underlying causes of periodontal (gum), implant, and oral-maxillofacial conditions.

Our goal is to develop more targetted and individualized treatments for oral-maxillofacial conditions that are complex and difficult to treat, using personalized treatment protocols. For example, we are working towards treatments based on molecular information that we gather from the patient’s own biological samples.

Researchers are focused on identifying physical biomarkers that can be used to better diagnose and treat these conditions.

The approaches used in the Centre are based on programs and diagnostic/treatment models already piloted by the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto and are now being expanded by Mount Sinai Hospital’s dentistry leadership.

Top Areas of Clinical Research

  • Periodontal
  • Implant
  • Oral-maxillofacial
  • Biomarkers


Our Publications (click here to view our publications)

Mount Sinai's dental professionals share published articles written by them highlighting important findings and insights within dentistry.

Journal Club Reports Prepared by Hospital Dental Residents, Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Dentistry (click here to view our journal club reports) 

Residents of the Mount Sinai Hospital Dental Program have conducted journal club reports highlighting some of their key learnings within dentistry. 


Recent Research and News on Dental Health (click here to view our recent research news)

The Department of Dentistry, Sinai Health, focuses on the latest research and news related to dental health.

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