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Mission Statement - The Dentistry Department

The facility is a Department within Sinai Health at the Mount Sinai Hospital location.  We are part of a fully accredited teaching hospital of the University of Toronto. The original dental service was established in the 1950s as a volunteer dental clinic in the old Mount Sinai Hospital. This program has now evolved into one that operates a 10 operatory outpatient clinic in the ambulatory wing of the Hospital and one operatory in the Emergency Department (ED).  This is a fully accredited Hospital Dentistry Program affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Our vision is to provide the most optimal oral healthcare to all patients regardless of their medical or physical condition.  Our overall mission states that in the provision of the highest level of evidence-based oral healthcare, we shall also advance knowledge through research.   Our treatment is patient-centered and focuses on disease prevention and management. We are also dedicated to the provision of the highest level of training for undergraduate dental students, graduate specialty residents as well as hospital dental residents.