Even though our clinic is located within a hospital, please note that consultation and examination fees (including dental x-rays) to discuss dental conditions and their management are NOT COVERED BY OHIP. Occasionally, OHIP will pay for the first consultation concerning very specific oral conditions (non-dental), if you are referred by your medical doctor.  Our staff will be happy to inform you of which consultations and under which circumstances your appointments and/or treatments might be a benefit of OHIP.

The professional fees charged in our clinic are based on the current fee guide of the Ontario Dental Association.  

Fees are payable, in full, following the appointment. Fees may be paid by cash, credit card, or debit card.

For patients with dental insurance, the clinic does not accept assignment of payment from the insurance company.  The patient/guardian is responsible for payment of the professional fees and will be provided with a completed dental claim form to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement of fees paid to us.

If you are covered through social services dental coverage, such as ODSP you must bring the proper documentation to your appointment.   Please be aware that your specialist consultation and/or treatment may not be covered under your social services plan.  You will be informed of services/treatment not covered in advance of your appointment.