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New Patient Information

New Patient Telephone Line:  416 586-5068


We Are Currently Accepting New Patients (please note there is a 6 months waiting list)

If you are a patient interested in joining our Family Health Team, please note new patients are assigned to a family medicine resident’s practice. Family Medicine Residents are medical school graduates who complete 2 years of supervised practice before graduating and working on their own. There will be a turnover in your resident every two years. If you become a patient in our practice, we will ask you to transfer medical records from your previous family doctor, you cannot have more than one family physician. Due to a high volume of requests, we are booking new patient appointments 6 months from today’s date.

Alternatively you can call Health care connect at 1-800-445-1822 and register with a health care connector to find a family physician.

If you are pregnant and do not have a family physician and are interested in receiving care from a family physician and an interprofessional team experienced in prenatal care please fill out the new patient referral form or contact our new patient line at 416 586-5068. Please leave a message and clearly indicate that you are pregnant.

If you are pregnant and you have a family physician, you must speak with your physician and ask for a referral from your physician to our Maternity Care Team at Mount Sinai Family Health Team.