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The Joint Department of Medical Imaging is now accepting referrals through Ocean eReferral. Please visit this link to submit an eReferral

To refer a patient by fax, please use the appropriate form below. Please be sure to:

  • Fill in all required patient demographics (including current phone number and mailing address)
  • Fill in all required ordering physician information and sign the form
  • Clearly indicate the type of imaging required
  • Include clinical information and area to be scanned (Include any relevant clinical notes or reports)
  • Note the clinical urgency and/or specified date of procedure (SDP)

General Requisition Form (Non MRI or CT)

Please complete this referral form and fax it to the relevant modality.
CT Request Form Please complete this referral form and fax it to 416-586-3180.
CEOU Requisition Form Please complete this referral form and fax it to 416-586-8405.

MRI Request Form

Please complete this referral form and fax it to 416-586-4797.

Physicians that need to speak to a radiologist regarding escalation, please contact the JDMI call centre at 416-946-2809.