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Helpful Links

The Internet can be a source of much information. However, some of that information may be misleading or incorrect. The following are a few tips from the Mayo Clinic and the University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter (December 1999) to help sort through information that you may find on the Web.

  • Look for reliable, well-known sources, such as government agencies or national organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society
  • Be wary of commercial sites (with the suffix ".com") that may be trying to sell you something
  • Don't trust products or sites that claim to cure everything
  • You may also search for reputable health sites at, (Health on the Net Foundation)
  • Verify the information that you get from the Web. Even reliable sites may sometimes publish incorrect or outdated information
  • Never follow any medical advice without checking with your doctor first

The following sites provide information and resources:


Breast Matters

Canadian Health Network

Canadian Cancer Society

Checkup Checklist

Canadian Breast Cancer Network

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (researched based answers)

Cancer Care Ontario's Breast Screening Program

Women's Health Matters

Look Good Feel Better

For information on menopause

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

Canadian Women's Health Network

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Information on breast cancer and breast health

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada

Nanny Angel Network

Coping with financial concerns in Ontario (420 KB pdf pdf.gif)

MEDLINEplus (extensive information from the National Institutes of Health and other trusted sources on about 500 diseases and conditions)

Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization (U.S.A.)

This cancer information site includes chemotherapy drug index, support group links, treatment options, clinical trial listings



Booklet: Getting Back on Track: Life After Treatment


WEBC Survivorship Program at Princess Margaret Hospital