The Mount Sinai Hospital Function and Pain Program (FPP) is well-equipped to offer a number of assessment services relevant to injured workers suffering with disabling chronic pain:


Assessment Type

Comprehensive Assessment

The primary assessment required for the FPP and the service delivered to the greatest proportion of cases.  A Comprehensive Assessment includes:

    • A thorough file review;
    • Individual assessments by relevant health care professionals (medical consultant, psychologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and pharmacist); 
    • Pharmacological review and screen for substance management issues;
    • Arrangement for any diagnostic testing and/or consultations as required (e.g. MRI, CT, Radiology Review, EEG, EMG, ENT);
    • Case conference with all assessors and the Clinical Director to review the findings and recommendations and arrive at a consensus regarding diagnosis.  WSIB representatives may participate as necessary; 
    • A narrative report of assessment findings provided to the funding agency. 

Follow-up Assessment 

Appropriate for workers who have previously undergone a Comprehensive Assessment and require a follow up which includes:

    • Review of new information and to assess development since initial assessment;
    • Reinforcemen coping strategies and techniques, address any outstanding concerns;
    • Provide a return to work update (if required).

Psychological Assessment

    • A clinical interview with a psychologist;
    • Selected standardized psychological testing;
    • Assessment of direct observation and information obtained from the worker’s medical record;
    • Identification of the need for a pharmacological review and/or psychiatric consultations; 
    • Preparation of a narrative report addressing the medical and psychiatric history, DSM IV multi-axial diagnoses and recommendations regarding treatment and rehabilitative return to work planning.  

Specialty Consultation Assessment

This assessment is conducted by an individual specialist (e.g. psychiatrist, neurosurgeon, rheumatologist) in their designated discipline and includes:

    • Thorough file review;
    • Individual assessment including an in-person interview and physical examination;
    • Performance and/or arrangement for any diagnostic testing and/or consultations as required (e.g. MRI, CT, Radiology Review, EEG, EMG, ENT and Neuro-ophthalmology); and
    • Narrative Report