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Classes offered in the NICU

A calendar including the times of these classes will be posted to your door and most of them are offered on a drop in basis. These classes are offered virtually. They can be taken by anyone who is expecting to have a baby in the NICU at Mount Sinai Hospital or in the NICU and may still attend once their baby is discharged from the NICU.

Find out all there is to know about “the baby steps”  to start pumping, non-nutritive sucking (NNS), skin to skin, increasing your milk supply, your diet, medications and breastfeeding in hospital and following discharge.

Discuss common issues in the NICU experience, along with strategies for self-care and coping with a long admission.

A way for fathers to connect about being a Dad in the NICU. Facilitated by veteran NICU Dads and social work.

Discussions surround prematurity and its affect on growth and development in the NICU and during discharge home.

We recommend taking this course when your baby is between 33-35 week’s gestation. Feel better equipped in an emergency and develop confidence in taking your baby home. Taking a certified CPR course is still strongly recommended. MUST REGISTER:  416-586-4800 x 8679 (Janet Narciso)

Learn how to promote your baby’s development in the NICU and at home; how to promote deep sleep, when your baby sees and hears best, how to touch, position and handle your baby will also be discussed.

A staff Neonatologist will have a general  discussion on medical aspects of prematurity.

Learn ways to promote language development in NICU and at home ( i.e. the importance of engaging vocally, vocal turn taking, singing, watching for communication cues). Learn about the Neonatal Follow up clinic and the importance of stimulating development post-NICU.

Learn the normal feeding stages that a baby in NICU goes through from birth to discharge and normal growth expectations for a NICU baby. Also learn about breast milk and/or formula preparation.

Learn about RSV, winter illnesses and keeping your baby safe from infection.

Find out about how you can comfort your baby during painful/uncomfortable procedures and care.

Your baby’s possible transfer, preparation for discharge and community resources will be discussed. We will discuss your changing role as your baby moves closer to discharge, and what YOU can be doing NOW to prepare.

A fun class to review all the “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to shopping for baby! Learn about developmentally appropriate toys and items AND items for sleep safety, car seats etc.

The role of Respiratory Therapist in the care of your baby. An open discussion on types of equipment and care pathways for your baby as well as common respiratory disorders of the premature infant.

NICU Veteran parents share their experiences with NICU and life after the NICU. One of our most popular groups!

Our Occupational Therapist will demonstrate massage techniques for parent of babies of over 32 weeks.