The focus of Mount Sinai Hospital Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) is on the use of ACTT models in research, assessment and treatment to:

  • help those we serve to improve their quality of life;
  • help them integrate into family and community;
  • help them find fulfilling roles in society.

To accomplish this we attempt to work in a manner which values individuals and their rights to be treated with dignity, compassion and without discrimination.

We support various ethno-racial target client populations:

  • Asian and South East Asian community
  • Aboriginal community



Mount Sinai Hospital ACTT is committed to:

  • Providing an accessible, culturally sensitive program of excellent mental health outreach services for severely mentally ill people of various ethno-racial backgrounds;
  • Engaging in research evaluation and education.



  1. To promote & ensure:
    • comprehensive and culturally sensitive care;
    • highly individualized treatment;
    • continuity of care;
    • rehabilitation and support, in the context of appropriate autonomy and dignity, maximizing functioning and integration into the community.
  2. To work in partnership with families of clients to maximize coping skills and their participation in the treatment and rehabilitation process.
  3. To work in partnership with community members, services providers and legislators to dispel myths, alleviate fears, reduce stigma and enhance community acceptance of individuals with mental health disturbances.
  4. To advocate for resources that enable people with disturbances of mental health to achieve maximum independent functioning.
  5. To promote professional and personal development emphasizing clinical skills and cultural sensitivity.