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Interpersonal Psychotherapy


Dr. Paula Ravitz


The Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) for Depression Clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital offers consultation and treatment in an individual format.

IPT is a type of time-limited psychotherapeutic depression treatment which focuses on recent life stressors of losses, changes or conflicts in current relationships that underlie distress. Examples of the types of interpersonal problems for which this treatment approach can be helpful include disputes with significant others, grief and loss, and social role transitions, such as retirement, divorce or post-partum depression.

A course of individual IPT is typically 12 once-weekly sessions.  Individual treatment is provided by one of a multi-disciplinary mental health team that includes clinically supervised psychiatry residents, allied mental health professionals and/or psychiatrists. 

Referrals are made through Sinai Health, Department of Psychiatry's  General Psychiatry Assessment Clinic .