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Crisis Clinic

General Psychiatry
Dr. Rodney Slonim, Dr. Chris Ulic, Dr. Virginia Wesson, Allison Hughes, MSW, Rebecca Esrock, MSW


The Mount Sinai Hospital Crisis Service provides short-term crisis intervention to individuals who are experiencing difficulty in coping with recent stressors in their lives. The focus and expertise of the staff in this program is in the area of managing and supporting patients though acute crisis. As a patient in our clinic you may expect to meet with a clinician for up to a maximum of 6 sessions. Our experience supports this being a useful time frame for treatment. Please recognize that in order for the clinic to be able to respond to the volume of referrals we receive and the urgent needs of patients in crisis we must adhere to this time limitation. We thank you for your understanding.

To be included, participants must be:

  • adults, aged 18 and over

Participants cannot take part if they:

  • are currently affiliated with another treating hospital
  • are currently being followed by a psychiatrist
  • abuse drugs or alcohol