High Risk Program

All caregivers need our attention, but some are at risk for their own decline. High risk caregivers may be suffering emotionally and the care they provide can suffer too. The goal of the High Risk Caregiver Program at the Reitman Centre is to tip the balance towards factors that decrease the burden of caregiving and its negative impacts.

Factors Increasing and Decreasing Burden

For professional service providers

The Reitman Centre High Risk Caregiver Program can support professionals working with caregivers of individuals with dementia by:

  • Individual case consultation and collaborative problem solving
  • Skills and knowledge training and coaching programs

We provide the following training to caregivers at high risk of decompensation:

  • How to address and solve problems
  • Strategies to respond to challenging behaviours
  • Psychotherapeutic management of emotional issues of caregiving.

Clients can access the High Risk program through the Reitman CARERS Program.