Knowledge Bite - Newsletter

This is the Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant for Primary Care (PRC-PC) Newsletter providing quick tips and useful information to fit your fast-paced work environment and to help you care for patients with dementia.

Knowledge Bite Newsletter




First Edition - April 2013

Dementia and home care - managing care in light of ones' insight into their condition.

Second Edition - May 2013

Culturally sensitive care for complex, frail older adults.  Addressing both patient and caregiver needs.

Third Edition - June 2013

Managing care in the home in light of a patient’s poor insight into their condition and capacity related concerns.

Forth Edition - July 2013

Driving safety and dementia.

Fifth Edition - July 2013 This issue focuses on depression and dementia.
Sixth Edition - September 2014 Atypical presentation of symptoms in patients with dementia.
Seventh Edition - October 2014 Elder abuse.
Eighth Edition - November 2014 Addictions in older adults.
Ninth Edition - December 2014 Atypical presentation of symptoms in patients with dementia.
Tenth Edition - January 2015 10 tips for effective communication with people with dementia.
Eleventh Edition - March 2015 In this issue we will explore reasons for wandering and what we can do to keep patients safe and yet help maintain their quality of life.
Twelfth Edition - April 2015 This issue focuses on depression and dementia. Depression is the most common mental illness in older people; however it is also frequently misdiagnosed and undertreated.
Thirteenth Edition - May 2015 Behaviours and Meaning.
Fourteenth Edition - June 2015 Dementia in the Waiting Room early signs of cognitive decline to detect at the waiting room.
Fifteenth Edition - September 2015 Transition to Long Term Care – Ways in which we can support our patients and their families when transitioning to a Long Term Care facility.
Sixteenth Edition - October 2015 Caregiving – A special Thanks giving edition on giving back to caregivers. How can we better identify and support caregivers of people with dementia in need.
Seventeenth Edition - December 2015 A special holiday edition on how to help caregivers and families of people with dementia to get ready for the holidays.
EIGHTEENTH EDITION - OCTOBER 2016 The importance of identifying physical sources of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. Home-visiting dental, vision, and hearing services.