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Interpersonal Group Therapy

Scott Bowler, MSW, RSW, and Paul Westlind, MD, offer interpersonal group therapy for people living with HIV. A new group begins each autumn and runs to the end of June, one evening per week.

Each group comprises six to ten members who are seeking to examine their interpersonal relationships, their self-esteem, their sense of meaningful living, and the connections among these issues.

Therapy groups provide a safe environment in which participants can develop and practice skills that lead to a deeper self-knowledge, more satisfying relationships and a more direct and fulfilling engagement in life. Groups do this by offering opportunities:

  • to receive and offer support; to talk honestly and directly about feelings; to gain insight into one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions by looking to patterns in relationships in early life and in the present both inside and outside the group;

  • to gain understanding of other people’s thoughts, feelings and actions;

  • to improve self-confidence, self-image, and self-esteem;
  • to develop problem-solving skills and strategies both within oneself and in relationships;
  • to improve relationships through learning how better to communicate with people;
  • to explore and understand interpersonal dynamics (patterns, changes in behaviour/interaction, changes in mood) that occur in a group.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Paul Westlind 416-586-4800, ext. 8540, or Scott Bowler 416-586-4800, ext. 5350.