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Women's Program

Eileen Sloan, PhD, MD, FRCPC, coordinates the women’s services in the clinic.

The women's program within the Clinic for HIV-Related Concerns provides emotional support and treatment of mental illness in women who are HIV-positive or who are affected in other ways (for example, having an HIV-positive partner).  Women initially meet with Dr. Sloan who determines, along with the woman herself, what type of treatment is most appropriate. 

Patients can be followed in individual psychotherapy, either by Dr. Sloan or one of the other female therapists, or can be referred to group therapy, narrative therapy or other programs within the HIV clinic.  If necessary, medication may be initiated. We are also happy to provide consultations to primary care physicians or HIV specialists. 

We recognize that seeing a psychiatrist can be a difficult step for many women, that women sometimes experience intense shame about being HIV-positive and it is often something that they have difficulty talking about it. The women's program strives to provide a caring and nonthreatening atmosphere in which women will feel comfortable to talk about their experiences which, in many cases, have been traumatic.

Please contact the clinic’s administrative assistant at 416-586-4800, ext. 8714.