Of Special Note

Alcohol and non-prescription drugs use are not allowed in the hospital. Because most medications interact negatively with such substances, we strongly recommend that your refrain from their use while under treatment.

Mount Sinai Hospital is a smoke free environment. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act went into effect on June 1, 2006. The new law indicates that it is illegal to smoke inside a hospital or within 9 metres of an entrance or exit. This means that there is no smoking on the inpatient psychiatric unit. Patients who do not have privileges to leave the unit will not be able to smoke. Smoking cessation counseling and Nicotine Replacement Therapy will be offered to all patients.

Safety is a necessary condition for effective treatment. Aggressive or violent behaviour will not be tolerated.

Mount Sinai Hospital assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. Please send valuables home. If you happen to leave any belongings behind on discharge, we will keep them on 9 South for 48 hours only. After that time they will be packaged and sent to the security office where you may pick them up.

For safety reasons, all electrical appliances used in the hospital must have a CSA or ULC approval sticker on them. Staff will ask to check your appliances on admission. Any recharging cords must be kept at the nursing station. The nursing staff will be pleased to recharge your appliance on request.

For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, patients will not be able to keep cell phones that contain a camera. These phones will be stored in the patient's cubby box in the nursing station and will be given to the patient at staff discretion.

The unit is designed to be a therapeutic environment. Your assistance in cleaning up after yourself is appreciated. Please respect our unit property. Anyone who damages 9 South property will be financially responsible for the repairs.