Treatment Team


Residents are medical doctors in training to be psychiatrists. A resident will manage your care under the supervision of a staff psychiatrist.


A primary nurse will be assigned to you and will work with you to provide support and assistance as you work toward your treatment goals. Secondary and associate nurses will maintain and continue your treatment plan when your primary nurse is not working.

Social Workers

Social workers may assess and treat both you and your family, addressing individual, couple and family concerns and need for support. They also provide discharge planning for psychiatric rehabilitation, case management, accommodation, long-term care, finances, personal support, domestic violence, child welfare, home care, and referral to other community services.

Occupational Therapist

An Occupational therapist (OT) works in partnership with patients, individually and in groups, addressing areas of self care, productivity and leisure, as well as overall quality of life and functioning. The OT will work with other team members to support you with your assessment and treatment planning. Depending on your treatment plan as decided by you and the team, the OT may provide support with home visits, kitchen, cognitive, functional assessments, overall life skills and relaxation training.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care is an important service that patients and their families can access for comfort, healing, coping and support. Our Spiritual Care team provides spiritual care to patients, caregivers, and staff of all faith and cultural backgrounds throughout the hospital. Please visit our Spiritual Care page for information.


A pharmacist leads a weekly group about drug therapy. You may also request a private meeting to discuss your personal questions about medications.

Student Health Professionals

Students from the disciplines of medicine, nursing, social work, occupational therapy and pharmacy are trained at Mount Sinai Hospital an may be involved in your care.

Ward Clerks

The ward clerk works at the front desk of the nursing station, and is our first contact when you make a request. She/he will ether assist you with your need or refer you to the appropriate staff person.

Service Assistants

Service assistants help both patients and other staff in may ways. They keep our environment clean. They look after extra dietary requests, and provide portering for patients (among other tasks).