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What to Expect Upon Your Admission

Psychiatry AdmissionYour first appointment will have several steps, usually the following things will happen:
1. Registration

We will ask for your address, Health card , MSH card, private insurance information (if available) and other registration information. We will give you information about confidentiality, and your rights and responsibilities as a client.

2. Check in
All items brought in by you must be inspected by the nursing staff. Razors, scissors, glass objects, belts, plastic bags and any drugs, drug paraphernalia or medication must be kept at the nursing station between uses.

3. Nursing Assessment (usually immediately)
Your Nurse will conduct an interview where you will be asked about:

  • what problems you are having
  • the history of these problems
  • related problems
  • family information that relates to your problems
  • how you've tried to manage these problems in the past
  • other relevant questions

Your Nurse will check your blood pressure, pulse and temperature, your weight and height.

You will receive a general explanation about the unit (orientation) and your Nurse will show you your room and your bed.

4. Physician evaluation
(may happen a few hours later but on the day of admission)
Your Physician will conduct a more detailed interview and will discuss a treatment plan with you.

*Please note:
The entire process may take as long as 6 hours.

How to Make this Process Work Best for YOU
  • Be honest when answering questions. Understand that we must ask personal questions to be the best help to you.
  • Ask questions if you don't understand something.
  • Do your best to provide accurate dates and addresses.
  • Be patient. Sometimes thorough evaluations require questioning that may seem unnecessary or repetitious. The team will carefully review the information you have provided.

What to Bring

For your comfort, you may bring pajamas or nightgown, slippers, robe and toiletries. Patients on 9 south wear street clothes during the day so you will need some changes of clothing.

If you wear eyeglasses, dentures or hearing aids, be sure to store them properly with your belongings when they are not in use. Ask your nurse for a container labeled with your name to safely store your dentures. Please don't place any of these items on your meal tray or in the tissue boxes.

Please do not bring any valuables to the hospital (cash, jewelry or other important items). We urge you to keep no more than $5 in your room. You may keep some cash and other valuable items in your cubby in the Nursing Station. Please be aware that the Hospital takes no responsibility for any personal possession.