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Referral Information

Trauma Clinic
Referral Form

Download the Psychological Trauma Assessment and Consultation Clinic Referral Form
(173 KB pdf pdf.gif) and fax to 416-586-8654.

Referrals are welcomed from any health professional involved in the patient’s care. However, we request the referral form to be completed by the patient’s physician.

Please ensure the referral form is completed in full or we will not be able to proceed with assessing the patient.

Once fully completed, referral forms can be faxed to 416-586-8654.

We require all patients who want a clinic assessment to have regular follow-up with a doctor or therapist. Without a health care provider already in place the patient will have no chance to make the best use of the recommendations of the clinic or process the experience usefully.

We do not accept urgent or crisis referrals.

Our waiting list is usually 4-6 months following receipt of the completed referral form. When the patient’s name comes to the top of the list, our clinic nurse Athena McClelland will contact the patient to arrange the initial assessment appointment time.

We are always pleased to welcome the referring doctor/therapist to the clinic if they are able to attend and their patient agrees.

The Clinic does not:

  • Provide ongoing treatment
  • Find therapists or doctors for patients
  • Provide assessment, diagnostic clarification or reports for court, insurance or ODSP purposes.
  • Provide assessment or consultation for individuals under the age of 18 years or over the age of 65 years (although we occasionally make exceptions).

If you are in an acute crisis we advise you to call the Distress Centre of Toronto at 416-408-HELP (4357), or go to an emergency department closest to you.

Your assessment and consultation at the psychological trauma clinic will have several steps. Following the receipt of your completed referral from your doctor:

  1. Your name will be placed on the waiting list for assessment through our clinic.
  2. When your name is at the top of the list (4-6 months) the clinic nurse will contact you to arrange the initial appointment to begin the assessment and consultation process.
  3. Your first contact will be with the clinic nurse prior to being seen by the psychiatrist/resident and team. These meetings will likely last about 60-90 minutes each time.
    • During these sessions we will ask you to complete a number of questionnaires about your symptoms and to tell us about your life; what problems you are having and their history; how you have tried to manage; your strengths and thoughts about recovery.
  4. Following your meetings with the clinic nurse, you will be interviewed in the clinic by one of the clinic’s psychiatrists or residents under their supervision. The remainder of the team will be viewing from the observation room. You are welcome to meet the team if you wish.
  5. After the clinic interview there are usually one or more follow-up interviews with your interviewing doctor, in his or her private office at Mount Sinai Hospital to complete the assessment process.
  6. A final consultation report is sent to the referring doctor and/or therapist with the patient’s consent, specifically addressing the issues relevant to referral.
  7. We are interested in whether or not you find this process helpful and with your permission, we will contact you some time after the assessment and ask your opinion.