Rex Kay

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Dr. Kay completed his Psychiatry residency at the University of Toronto in 1992, during which he served as Chief Resident in Child Psychiatry. He is a graduate, member, faculty and supervisor at the Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and a faculty member and supervisor  at the Institute for the Advancement of Self-Psychology. He is a founding editor of Ars Medica: A journal of medicine, the arts and humanities. Dr. Kay received the Mary Seeman Award for contribution to psychiatry and the humanities, the Allan B. Tennen award for psychotherapy supervision, and the Wightman-Berris Academy award for undergraduate teaching. He is especially interested in creativity, narrative, and the interface between psychotherapy and the arts and allied sciences. He has a general psychiatric practice with a focus on long-term treatment of older adolescents and adults with mood, anxiety and personality disorders.