Rheumatology Specialty Clinics

The autoimmune specialty clinics have been established to provide excellence in patient care for the most serious, potentially life-threatening forms of rheumatic disease. The Rebecca MacDonald Centre has specialty clinics focusing on:

  • early arthritis clinic
  • rapid access clinic
  • scleroderma
  • systemic necrotizing vasculitis

Internationally recognized experts staff each of the clinics. Together, these clinics represent one of the largest bases of patients with autoimmune disease in North America, and one of the main centres in the world devoted to these serious disorders. The clinics also serve as a major educational resource centre for post-graduate education in rheumatology. Every year, these programs attract a substantial number of medical trainees from the University of Toronto Medical School.

Biologics Treatment & Education Clinic

In recent years, a new class of biologically based therapies for various arthropathies, derived from living tissues, has emerged. It is founded on the principle that disease treatment can be achieved through the alteration of some of the critical elements of the disease.

The nature of the drugs involved requires a therapeutic approach that often involves the injection of the drug under the skin by a family physician, a loved one, or the patient. The clinic offers a comprehensive description and demonstration of the process and allows patients or caregivers to practice the procedure and alleviate their uncertainties before they begin treatment. This process has been shown to be extraordinarily successful in increasing patient satisfaction and treatment success.

Patient Monitoring and Teaching Clinic

Disease modifying arthritis drugs (DMARDs) represent a diverse class of pharmaceutical agents that represent the mainstay of therapeutic treatments for rheumatoid arthritis over the last several decades. Each of these drugs, including methotrexate, sulfasalazine, plaquenil, and chloroquine, amongst others, have been demonstrated to have significant benefit in a variety of autoimmune diseases. Patients undergoing treatment with these drugs are subject to careful monitoring to ensure optimal treatment results and to prevent any undesired complications. As such, The Rebecca MacDonald Centre has established the DMARD Monitoring Clinic, staffed by nurses and physicians with extensive expertise in dealing with these medications to monitor patients on therapeutic regimens of this type. In this clinic, patients are regularly monitored, symptoms scrutinized and blood tests screened in an effort to optimize treatment.

General Rheumatology Clinic

The general rheumatology clinic's central role is in the treatment of patients with a variety of autoimmune disorders. It is staffed by several Mount Sinai physicians and serves as a teaching resource for medical students, internal medicine residents, and rheumatology fellows. The clinic has an internationally recognized reputation and is one of the largest of its kind in North America.