What to Expect

As a patient in our Emergency Department, your well-being is our priority. Our goal is to help make your visit in the Emergency Department as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Sinai Health is a mask-friendly environment in all areas of our buildings. The choice to wear a mask will be respected and supported. Medical grade procedure masks are available at points of entry and other common areas. Patients with respiratory virus symptoms will be asked to put on a mask during Emergency Department triage.

When you arrive you will be seen by the triage nurse. The triage nurse will assess how quickly you need treatment and in which area your care will be given. You will be asked questions about what brought you to the Emergency Department and about your general health. Your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and breathing will be measured and notes will be made of any allergies or current medications being taken.

Please leave your personal belongings and valuables with your companion. If this is not possible, please ask to have your items stored by hospital security.

The registration clerk will ask for your name, address, Ontario Health Card (OHIP) number (or other health insurance plans), family doctor's name, and an emergency contact phone number. The clerk will make up a chart for you and give you an identification wrist band.

Treatment is administered based on how severe your symptoms are when you are seen by the triage nurse. In the treatment area, a primary nurse will assess your condition and be responsible for your care while you are in the Emergency Department.

Mount Sinai is a teaching hospital and you may be seen by a physician-in-training. However, your care will be supervised by the emergency physician in charge. Depending on the severity of your condition and/or test results, the emergency physician may:

  • send you home with instructions
  • make arrangements to follow up with your family doctor if necessary (if you do not have a family doctor we can suggest one), or for you to see a specialist or clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital
  • refer you to a consulting physician or a specialist who will decide whether or not to admit you to the hospital

If you're leaving the Emergency Department, please make sure you understand all instructions before you go.

The Emergency Department will contact a member of our Spiritual Care team that provides spiritual care to patients of all faith and cultural backgrounds if you need spiritual support. Social workers are also available to help you with any personal concerns you may have. These and other members of the health-care team (Doctor, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Home Care) can be contacted by your nurse.

As partners in care, visitors have an important role in keeping our hospital safe. At this time, only patients that meet specific criteria are eligible for visitors in the Emergency Department (ED) to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and our people.

People with the most urgent concern will be seen first, regardless of who arrives first. Things can change quickly in the Emergency Department which may delay your care. We know waiting can be difficult – please be patient.

We ask that you do not record (audio or video) or take photos in the Emergency Department. Everyone has the right to privacy, including our staff.

In protecting patient privacy and in keeping with privacy laws, our staff will ask you to delete any unauthorized photos or recordings.

Those who do not cooperate will be asked to leave.


Contact Us

For more information you can reach the Mount Sinai Hospital Emergency Department at 416-586-5054.