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What to Expect

If you meet our referral guidelines, your primary care provider will refer you to our clinic. The wait time may be up to four months to get an appointment with us. The first appointment may take an hour or more, excluding any wait times that day.

At the Appointment

  • Upon arrival, you will fill in a detailed questionnaire pertaining to your medical history.
  • You will be seen by members of our Menopause Clinic team.
  • They will take a complete history, as well as do a physical examination. This may include a pelvic exam in certain cases.
  • Your case will be discussed by the team.
  • You will be counselled by the team and further investigations may be ordered.
  • Medications may be recommended based on your individual presentation.
  • A letter summarizing the appointment will be dictated to your referring physician.
  • A follow-up appointment will be booked.

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