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Volunteer Programs and Services

Volunteers perform in a variety of roles. Below, is a list of the areas you would commonly find volunteers.

If any of these roles interest you, please contact Volunteer Resources to apply.

Nursing Units

Volunteers assist the clinical team provide the best health care from healthy beginnings to healthy aging in many ways, depending on the department. They visit patients to offer support and diversion.

Our specialty nursing areas include Cardiology, General Medicine, Geriatrics, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Maternal-Infant, Oncology and Orthopaedics.


Volunteers assist in the smooth operation of clinics by greeting and registering patients, preparing areas and giving information to waiting patients.

Volunteers are placed in over 40 clinic areas, including Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Medical Imaging, Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre, Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Centre and Oncology Services.

Wayfinding & Information

A hospital visit can be confusing and overwhelming for some patients. To mitigate this, Volunteer Resources has developed a new position as a “Wayfinder” which gives enthusiastic volunteers an opportunity to connect with patients and their families while helping them get to where they need to be. The hospital also has Information Desks in the main lobby and in the mezzanine on the 4th floor.

Administrative / Clerical

Many departments have a continual need for help with clerical duties such as reception, answering the phone and filing.

Pet Therapy

Socially isolated patients often benefit from our visiting dogs and their owners. These specially selected pets enhance a "home-like" quality, and bring comfort and diversion to patients and their families. Our Therapy Dogs need to have certification from an organization such as Therapeutic Paws or St. John Ambulance.

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Customer-focused volunteers assist patients, visitors and staff with books, giftware and flowers.