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Dana Storms, Senior Audiologist

A Bright Mentor in the Department of Audiology

In audiology, it is essential that clinicians work very closely with patients and families, forming mutually beneficial relationships to manage hearing difficulties and improve quality of life. For audiology students, hands-on training is crucial to develop the clinical and interpersonal skills they need to provide the best care.

As a mentor, my goal is to make sure audiology students get the hands-on training they need. Students begin by observing and they gradually care for patients under my supervision. With my guidance and support, they have the opportunity to work directly with patients, make recommendations and decisions and become active members of the health-care team. 

Students learn to perform advanced diagnostic procedures such as auditory brainstem response testing and vestibular testing. They care for patients from diagnosis to discharge, and experience each stage of care from assessment to rehabilitation.

The Hospital atmosphere is very conducive to learning. We are a teaching hospital, and the diagnostic assessment training site for the Ontario Infant Hearing Program. In addition, we operate a full service hearing aid dispensary which provides students with experience in the service and delivery of hearing aids, accessories, and assistive devices. Students are welcome to attend dispensary meetings, staff meetings and any other educational or team gatherings we may have.

The placements at Mount Sinai are very challenging, and highly sought after. The Hospital is of the highest calibre, and students are expected to follow our standards of excellence.

This level of excellence, however, means that students have opportunities to learn and develop their practical experience with skilled professionals. Students have the opportunity to increase their exposure by working with different mentors anytime we see a unique condition, patient, or topic. We work together as a close-knit team, and everyone is dedicated to providing students with optimal training.


How to Apply

Speech Language Pathology Master of Health Science, Audiology and Communicative Disorders Assistant students, please contact your program administration to find out how to apply. 

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