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If you have a company or instiutuion (i.e. Employer, Academic Programs,etc.) willing to pay for your BLS training, please provide us with the information below.  We will follow with the contact person to verify their willingess to cover your training costs.

***Please be advised that the course could be cancelled due to lack of participation, in that case you will be notified.***

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NOTE: Students reserve a slot at a course once payment has been received by SimSinai Centre. We cannot book another student for the course unless you cancel your registration with enough notice. If you notify us that you want to change course dates 15 or more days before the course, we will accommodate your request without penalty. If you decide to cancel 15 or more days before the course, we will retain 10% of the tuition for administration costs. If you make such a request closer than 15 days to the course date, we will retain 50% of the tuition cost as compensation for preventing another student from taking the course. If you do not show up on the date of the course without prior notification to the SimSinai Centre, no refund will be provided. In the event of an unexpected catastrophic event, SimSinai will consider waiving penalties and will allow rescheduling of the course to another date, but will not provide any refund beyond that described above.