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Chiropractic Spine and Spinal Stenosis

Mount Sinai Hospital’s commitment to cooperative learning and excellence in student training is demonstrated by its affiliation with the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College offering chiropractic residents and interns placement opportunities to improve their knowledge and practical skills.

The Chiropractic Spine and Spinal Stenosis Programs at the Rebecca MacDonald Centre for Arthritis and Autoimmune Diseases at Mount Sinai Hospital offers students the opportunity to learn to assess and deliver evidence based non-operative care to complex patients suffering from degenerative, inflammatory and mechanical spinal disorders. Students help Mount Sinai’s bright minds and big hearts conduct assessments and deliver the best care to minimize pain and disability and maximize function and quality of life from these spinal disorders.

Chiropractic residents and interns have the opportunity to:

  • Work in an interdisciplinary environment to assess and treat patients with degenerative, inflammatory and mechanical spinal disorders
  • Attend rheumatology and Pain Management Clinic rounds to learn and engage with other health care professionals
  • Assess and manage patients with neurogenic claudication due to lumbar spinal stenosis, ankylosing spondylitis, persistent neck and back pain and radiculopathy
  • Assess and manage psychosocial factors impacting recovery from spinal pain using a cognitive behavioural approach
  • Engage in research including clinical trials, qualitative studies and conducting systematic reviews
  • Participate in the development of patient and clinician educational tools
  • Observe in rheumatology, orthopedic, neurology, Pain Management and other clinics along side Mount Sinai’s Bright Minds and Big Hearts

How to Apply

If you are a University of Toronto student, please follow the University’s application guidelines. For more information, visit the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science.

International students and students enrolled in other accredited programs, please contact the University of Toronto. For more information, visit the University of Toronto Information for International Students site.

Student Testimonials

"The opportunities afforded me at Mt Sinai were very unique and world-class. The possibility to shadow and be involved in the care of a number of patients in a number of professions was unlike I had experienced previously. The welcome intraprofessional collaboration for students was eye-opening and informative. My experience here changed how I will practice in the field."