Department of Rehabilitation

The Department of Rehabilitation is affiliated with the University of Toronto, Humber College and Centennial College, and offers placements to master students in occupational therapy, speech language pathology and physical therapy and as well as college students enrolled in physical/occupational therapy assistant programs.

Placements at Mount Sinai – which are organized by our affiliated schools – allow students to complete mandatory fieldwork placements while developing professional skills alongside Mount Sinai’s Bright Minds and Big Hearts.

Students in Mount Sinai’s Department of Rehabilitation have the opportunity to:

  • care for a wide variety of in and out-patients in different departments of the Hospital;
  • focus on physical and psychosocial health issues;
  • integrate theoretical and practical knowledge;
  • learn about other local facilities and make valuable contacts, to help facilitate job searches after graduation;
  • participate in Practical Lab and Practical Application Sessions.

How to Apply

If you are a University of Toronto student, please follow the University’s application guidelines. For more information, visit the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science.

International students and students enrolled in other accredited programs, please contact the University of Toronto. For more information, visit the University of Toronto Information for International Students site.

Meet our Bright Mentors

Shona Sen, Occupational Therapist

A Bright Mentor in Mount Sinai's Rehabilitation Department

I guide my students through their rotations in Medicine, Maternity, ICU and Surgery. Mount Sinai’s interdisciplinary focus means students gain clinical experience in OT, while working together with physical therapists, doctors, nurses and social workers.

Students become an integral part of the allied health team, and by working with other professionals, they learn to appreciate the many facets of a patient’s condition.

I also participate in the Department of Rehabilitation’s Professional Mentorship Program, where I mentor students every other week for the duration of their two-year program. It is one of my favourite aspects of mentorship. It really balances the student experience, supplementing their clinical experiences with professional and emotional guidance

Students conduct case studies, write a reflective paper and receive verbal feedback on skills such as clinical reasoning, conflict management and communication.

Clinical placements are an excellent opportunity for OT students. But mentorship is also an excellent return on investment for me! My students gain practical, hands-on experience, and in the meantime, I sharpen my knowledge and skills. Most importantly, having another set of capable hands means more time to spend with patients and at the end of the day, that’s what occupational therapy is all about.

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