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Disability Education Resources for Healthcare Providers


The following information and resources may be used to develop and implement a training program for healthcare providers on best practices when working with women with disabilities.  The materials were developed and used in a pilot project at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, and have been collected here for use by other organizations.  The training is intended for healthcare providers who work in breast imaging, but can be adapted to other audiences as well.  The training options include an eLearning module, and hands-on experiential learning (simulation workshop/immersive learning program, facilitated discussion program, short presentation program).  If the options are to be used together, we recommend offering one of the three experiential learning programs before the eLearning. 


The module teaches healthcare providers about the experiences of women with disabilities’ accessing breast cancer screening, as well as how to effectively collaborate and communicate with women to improve access and care.

Simulation Workshop/Immersive Learning

This option involves the implementation of a role-playing workshop, using standardized patients (SPs), staff members, or people from community agencies involved in disability advocacy.  The guide for this workshop contains information and resources for a facilitator/team to develop, plan, implement, and evaluate the workshop, including all the necessary handouts for participants. 

Facilitated Discussion Program

This training option involves the implementation of a facilitated discussion.  The guide for this program contains information on how to develop, plan, and implement the discussion, including facilitator instructions, reflective questions for participants, and handouts for participants.

Short Presentations

This option involves the implementation of short presentations for educational purposes.  The guide for this program contains resources to use during the presentations, including handouts for participants.


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