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Building Capacity in Nursing Human Resource Planning:

A Best Practice Resource for Nursing Managers

Building Capacity in Nursing Human Resource PlanningIn 2008, to address the challenges currently facing the nursing profession in Ontario, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) HealthForceOntario funded “The Nursing Human Resource Best Practice Toolkit Project,” one of 17 projects aimed at developing and implementing best practices for nursing planning.Vision: Having an optimal number of nursing staff with complementary skills working in a healthy workplace  environment to achieve the best patient outcomes.

Toronto’s large acute care centres – Mount Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital, SickKids, St. Joseph’s Hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Toronto East General Hospital - partnered with the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto, became a HealthForceOntario demonstration site project for the development of the Toolkit.

The Nursing Human Resource Best Practice Toolkit is an attempt to bridge the gap between what we know about nursing HR planning and what we can do to improve the planning process and outcomes at the level of first- line nursing managers.

Overview of the Toolkit

The Toolkit addresses five main concepts or building blocks required for effective  nursing HR planning. A review of the literature was conducted to identify best practices in nursing HR planning for each building block.

These recommendations were compared with current organizational and nursing manager practices collected from each partner organization to identify best practices and current challenges with nursing HR planning.


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Building Capacity - Framework

This Toolkit:

  • is an inventory of the tools and resources that are currently used by partner organizations for nursing HR planning, or that are available in the literature, research and published practices from other jurisdictions;
  • provides an overview of current orientation and integration practices aimed at new graduate nurses; and 
  • represents a compilation of resources readily available for use by nursing managers in all partner organizations, and more broadly within the nursing community through the MOHLTC HealthForceOntario, and through
Who Is the Toolkit for?

The Toolkit was written for individuals responsible for planning for HR needs at both an organizational and a departmental/ unit level.

The Toolkit will help organizations:
  • develop a coordinated planning approach to nursing HR planning;
  • review and better use data currently available in their organization to provide a baseline measure of their nursing human resources; and
  • inform nursing leaders about relevant workforce trends, facilitate planning, increase forecasting accuracy, strengthen recruitment and retention strategies and provide for workforce continuity.

The Toolkit will help nursing managers:

  • bring a disciplined approach to workforce planning that the nursing manager can implement;
  • use data currently available in their organization to provide a baseline measure of their unit’s nursing human resources; and
  • address planning at the nursing unit level because it is written from the perspective of nursing manager’s day-to-day reality (unlike most published workforce planning models)  


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Individuals may download these materials for their use provided that proper attribution is given to the appropriate source. The recommended citation of the Toolkit is: Beduz, MA., Vincent, L., Pauzé, E. (2009). Building Capacity in Nursing Human Resource Planning: A Best Practice Resource for Nursing Managers. The Nursing Human Resource Planning Best Practice Toolkit Project, HealthForceOntario.

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