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Gerald P. Turner Department of Nursing

Many of our nurses have received these special honors in recognition of the tremendous commitment they have for patients and families. nurses7.jpg

Best Practice Nursing Award

The unit/team or committee recipient of this award demonstrates commitment to best practice.  Recipients of this award:

  • integrate research findings to guide practice changes;
  • participate in collaborative research projects;
  • implement best practice guidelines; and
  • implement an educational program to enhance the quality of patient care.  
Clinical Practice Award

The Clinical Practice Award embodies the vision of the Department of Nursing.  The recipient of this award is dedicated to quality patient and family focused care. 

Recipients of this award demonstrate:

  • therapeutic care partnerships with patients and their families;
  • excellent communication, decision-making and problem solving skills;
  • in-depth knowledge and leadership within clinical practice; and
  • collaboration with the multidisciplinary team. 
Education Award

The recipients of the Education Award award demonstrates exceptional commitment to the education of colleagues, patients, and families, and commitment to ongoing self-development.  

Recipients also:

  • participate in the education of student nurses;
  • take initiative at the unit level to provide colleagues with current information/research that leads to improved clinical practice and patient care outcomes; and
  • actively assist patients and families in meeting their learning needs.
Informatics Award

The Informatics Award embodies the vision of the Department of Nursing and the Professional Practice Program.  Recipients:

  • demonstrate knowledge and leadership in Informatics and Informatics initiatives at the unit level;
  • help colleagues acquire computer related competencies;
  • provide a positive, encouraging and respectful learning environment;
  • assists in implementing new Informatics projects; and
  • demonstrate innovative uses for information technology in clinical practice.
Preceptor Award

smily_nurses.jpgThe Preceptor award embodies the vision of the Department of Nursing and the Preceptorship philosophy. It is awarded to outstanding staff nurses who have preceptored a staff RN and created a positive, encouraging and respectful learning environment. 

Recipients also:

  • act as a role model;
  • create planned and purposeful learning experiences;
  • provide feedback for ongoing evaluation;
  • support socialization of the preceptee into the new role and the environment; and
  • foster ongoing professional development of all staff.  
Research Award

The Research Award embodies the philosophy of the Research Committee of the Professional Practice Program.  The recipient demonstrates a commitment to nursing research and the growth and dissemination of knowledge with activities such as:

  • researching a practice issue;
  • developing and implementing ongoing educational opportunities for nursing staff that fosters enhancement of research and research utilization skills; and
  • fulfilling a leadership/champion role that leads to knowledge, growth and transfer.