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As preceptors, our nurses support the transition from theory to practice for nursing students and help to integrate new nurses into the organization and into their practice settings. They help new nurses and students expand their knowledge base and skills while acting as role models, teachers and coaches, and allowing their preceptees to apply learning within a supportive environment. 

Our comprehensive preceptorship program supports both the preceptee and the preceptor. 

As a new nurse at Mount Sinai, our Nursing Orientation Program builds on previously acquired knowledge and skills.  As part of our three phase orientation program, all new RNs are paired with a preceptor for the length of their unit orientation. The preceptor is an expert in his/her clinical role and assists the preceptee to identify learning needs, negotiate learning experiences, assists the preceptee when performing new skills, provide regular feedback and review progress on a daily basis. The preceptor relationship plays a vital role in the transition period for new nurses.  Learn more about our Nursing Orientation Program.

As a preceptor, our nurses build leadership capability and fulfill an essential role in modeling and assisting staff to manage new and complex care requirements. Our preceptorship program continually supports our nurse preceptors with comprehensive staff development including ongoing education classes and materials.  Outstanding staff nurses who have preceptored a MSH staff RN are eligible for the department’s annual Preceptor Award.  In addition, all our preceptors are recognized for their outstanding work and support of new nurses and students during National Nursing Week.

By drawing on the experience of our nurses, our preceptorship program provides a continuous learning environment that supports the attainment of safe and independent professional nursing practice.  Our program has met the many learning needs of new nurses and students and continues to provide opportunities for professional growth, sharing of nursing knowledge and expertise and staff development.