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An amazing journey

By Emilie Quach, RN

I am currently an RN on the postpartum floor (10th Floor) at Mount Sinai. My experience on this floor in my first four months as a newly registered nurse was amazing. 

As a newly graduated nurse I have the opportunity of participating in the New Graduate Initiative (NGI) which was implemented by the government. This program has aided in my transition from a student nurse to a Registered Nurse by providing me with lots of support from a mentor/preceptor and giving me opportunities I never had as a student. 

As a new hire at Mount Sinai I attended an orientation for the Hospital that was very informative.  In addition, Mount Sinai has Sinai C.A.R.E. courses that really helped me feel more comfortable with some nursing skills that I had not had the opportunity to practice while in school such as IV insertion. The postpartum floor also held a week long orientation that covered the perinatal program. This was great because it covered everything from breastfeeding and assessments to social issues that we may encounter on the floor. 

When I began working on the floor I was assigned an amazing mentor/preceptor who was very helpful, experienced and supportive. Being a part of the NGI I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days on other units of my choice, including Labour and Delivery and the NICU, which I could never do as a nursing student. 

The opportunities that I have had to spend on other units was very eye opening, exciting and very educational. My experience at Mount Sinai has been an amazing journey so far, I enjoy the atmosphere that I'm in, the patients are great and the health-care team is exceptional.