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Surrounded by a big, hardworking and happy family

By Oyin Talabi, RN
 oyin talabi
Oyin Talabi

As a new nursing graduate, I was terrified about transitioning to the workplace at Mount Sinai Hospital. I finished my final consolidating semester at Mount Sinai on a medical floor. This gave me an opportunity to experience as a student the high level of acuity in this fast paced department.

There were lots of opportunities to learn and by the end of the semester the benefits of being there were evident in my increased competence. The workplace environment enhanced my learning because the staff, and especially the nurses, worked together. Although I had an assigned preceptor, I learned from all the nurses I worked with. I definitely wanted to be a part of this team.

As a new nurse, Mount Sinai made sure I understood the values of the Hospital. I had a thorough orientation; many courses I was able to take through eLearning in the convenience of my home. Most of the Sinai C.A.R.E. courses were backed  by classroom courses to reaffirm what was learned online and to give me hands on skills and the chance to learn with other staff.

I had personal learning goals and evaluations. I worked with preceptors who orientated me to the unit and helped me learn new skills. I learned to work with other health care providers and as a team; we worked together with patients and their families. There are lots of resources on the intranet, in the library, through a journal club and from other nurses who have a specialty in areas like geriatrics and wound care.

I am enjoying working here and I learn everyday. My transitioning experience was great. I did not start working on the unit by myself until I was well prepared. Besides, I am never alone because I am surrounded with a staff that is hardworking and happy. We make a big family, but there is always room for more.