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Ostomy Conference Update 2014

Ostomy Update 2014: The Journey Continues

Thursday, May 29, 2014


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Welcome and Introduction
Kathryn Kozell, RN, MScN, APN, CETN(C)
Welcome to the conference.
Understanding the Experiences of Patients Undergoing Radical Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer
Debbie Miller, RN, BScN, MN, CETN(C)
What are the concerns of individuals who have a diagnosis of bladder cancer and a urinary ostomy? Debbie reports on qualitative research that provides insight from the individual’s perspective.

The Healthiest Guy I Know
Greg Neely
From one who has experienced it all, Greg shares his personal journey with passion and humor of multiple diagnoses including bladder cancer and having a urostomy.

Ostomy and the Pregnancy Experience
Kathryn Kozell, RN, MScN, APN, CETN(C)
Tara Penney Parkal, Vice President of Ostomy Toronto
Kathryn discusses the impact of pregnancy on the function of the ostomy. Tara, a recent ‘new mother’ shares her pregnancy experience while having a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease and an ostomy.

Interview with Tara Penney Parkal

The Birds and the Bees for Ostomees
Leslie Heath, RN, BScN, CETN(C), MCISc-WH
A topic less discussed, sex and sexuality are discussed candidly and with care providing valuable information and resources for every health care professional.

What’s in the Research?
Kathryn Kozell, RN, MScN, APN, CETN(C)
Julie Tjan-Thomas, RN, MN, CETN(C)
Monica Frecea, RN, MScN, CETN(C)
Evidence-based ostomy practice is not well supported in research. So, how do we know that we are exercising the best in practice? Three clinical practices in ostomy care and the research which supports these practices are discussed.

From Evidence to Practice: Implementing the DET Score
Dian Brown, RN, BScN(C)
As a member of the Best Practice Ostomy Team, Dian discusses how the team implemented a validated ostomy skin tool as a best practice recommendation.

BPOT, ERAS and the Ostomy Patient/Family Learning Pathway
Christianna Facey-Crowther, RN, BScN
The implementation of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program challenged nurses to think about how ostomy education could be delivered within a shorten length of stay in hospital. Christianna, Chair of the Best Practice Ostomy Team explains how pre and post-operative education is being provided.
Pre-Operative Ostomy Resource Team
Kathryn Kozell, RN, MScN, APN, CETN(C)
Catherine Thompson, RN, MScN
Preoperative stoma site marking and ostomy education demonstrates improved surgical and management outcomes. But do all patients and families receive this pre-surgery preparation? Kathryn and Catherine present the implementation of a 24/7 Preoperative Ostomy Resource Team.

IBD – What’s New in Research and Management?
Hillary Steinhart, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)
Well know Gastroenterologist and Clinical Researcher in inflammatory bowel disease, Dr. Hillary Steinhart provides an update on what is new and on the horizon in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Clinical Challenges
Kim Meeker, RN, BScN, CETN(C), CON(C)
Monica Frecea, RN, MScN, CETN(C)
Julie Tjan-Thomas, RN, MN, CETN(C)
This dynamic trio of Certified Enterostomal Therapy Nurses, Kim, Monica and Julie discuss clinical challenges in stoma and peristomal management.