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Hear from our Students

Nursing students at Mount Sinai share their impressions and opinions

"My last nursing placement (consolidation) was in the Emergency Department and I really, really enjoyed it! I was amazed at the efficiency of the teamwork that I saw and was part of. I really enjoyed the busy, fast-paced, often unpredictable environment of the Emergency Department, seeing a variety of clients with different conditions. I learned so much in the last three months and this has increased my confidence in nursing assessment, communication and practice skills immensely and challenged my critical thinking skills. I enjoyed my placement in the ED so much, that I decided to pursue emergency nursing as my first employment as a new graduating nurse. I would like to thank everyone in the ED for their effort, help, support and guidance and for making my placement a wonderful and interesting learning experience. Thanks to all the fantastic nurses and physicians, service assistants, unit clerks, registration clerks, therapists and social workers! I'll miss them all! :) "
-- 4th year nursing student

"I had a great time during my clinical placement in labor and delivery. Our preceptor was extremely knowledgeable! She worked very hard to make our experiences interesting and was always finding new ways to teach us topics and encouraged us to be part of every learning opportunity on the floor. The nurses on this floor are extremely talented! I felt privileged to be able to have a placement on this floor and I would like to thank everyone for their time, knowledge and care they took when teaching us each day. I look forward to a career in labor and delivery one day and that is because of what I have experienced on this floor."
-- 2nd year U of T nursing student

"I enjoyed the experience from Mount Sinai Hospital. The nursing staff was very helpful towards the nursing students. They were also easily accessible on the floor. They were very informative with the work they did and explained the patient's diagnosis and interventions to us. This semester was a lot of work compared to first year and was a great success."
-- 2nd year nursing student

"My name is Melissa Pearson. I am a fourth year consolidating student from Trent University on Labor and Delivery unit. I completed my placement from January 2009 to April 2009. I had a wonderful experience. The health care professionals on the unit were kind individuals with warm hearts shown through the guidance and encouragement they have provided me with. I am confident that any student will enjoy the placement. I was welcomed with open arms to the team, as I developed increased knowledge, understanding and skills in the area of interest to me. Thank you to all the individuals who have made my experience unforgettable."
--Melissa Pearson, 4th year Trent University student

"I was extremely impressed by the cohesiveness and professionalism of 12 South and the staff, especially the nursing staff. You have an incredible nursing team working on 12 South, a team who not only cares for the health and well-being of each and every patient, but care for one another, as professional nurses. In comparison to my previous clinical placements, Mount Sinai has set the bar high for my future career choices in terms of where I would love to work! I am proud to say that I had a chance to work with the professionals at Mount Sinai, one of the best hospitals in Toronto, and probably in Canada. I worked closely with (two of the) nurses, they are what I hope to strive to become in my profession. They are great teachers and mentors! Again, thank you so very much for having me on the unit as a nursing student! It was a short, but amazing learning experience with many opportunities."
 --Olivia Gerardi, McMaster nursing student (Accelerated Stream)


Student Placements

If you are interested in a student placement, contact your school for its specific processes for confirming clinical placements.