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Patient and Family-Centred Care

Nursing Students

Patient and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) is an approach to the planning, delivery and evaluation of healthcare that is grounded in mutually beneficial partnerships among patients, families and healthcare providers (Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care). 

At Mount Sinai Hospital, patients and their families are at the core of everything we do. There is a genuine partnership between our health-care professionals and our patients and families.  Our nurses are fully committed to the values of PFCC and they demonstrate this every day.

Nursing students completing their clinical placements at MSH will experience this commitment through many different learning opportunities, and will learn to apply the values and guiding principles of PFCC when providing care to patients and families.

These values and guiding principles are: 

Dignity and Respect

As an interprofessional healthcare team, we listen to and honour the perspective, wishes and choices of our patients and their families.  The knowledge, values, beliefs and culture of our patients and their family members are incorporated into their plan and delivery of care.

Information Sharing

We openly communicate and share timely, complete and accurate information with our patients to help them understand, and we encourage them to participate in decisions about their care.


We encourage and support patients and their families to participate in and make decisions about their care.


We work together with patients and families to design, implement and deliver the best care possible.  This philosophy goes into everything we do, from providing care to program planning.

With the support of nursing preceptors and interprofessional teams, nursing students will see how PFCC influences every nursing domain including education, practice, research and leadership. During their placements, students will experience first hand the impact that PFCC has on patient outcomes and its influence on providing the best possible nursing care.