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Patient Food Services

The Department of Nutrition & Food Services delivers 350,000 patient trays annually. Patient satisfaction with meals is very important. As a result, we have a specialized team of dietitians, diet technicians, food service supervisors and an executive chef who collectively plan menus and implement quality assurance measures. All Food Services staff are qualified as Certified Food Handlers by the Toronto Public Health Department.

While in the Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital offers a one week selective patient menu. The menu meets the requirements for Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating. Patients are able to complete their daily menu one day in advance. Post-partum patients receive a pre-selected diet to meet their nutritional requirements. A supplemental menu may be distributed to patients who are admitted for longer than two weeks. We are committed to providing optimal patient satisfaction and will take personal food preferences into consideration where possible.

Special Nutrition Services

Mount Sinai Hospital serves a diverse community. As part of our corporate goal, the Department of Nutrition & Food Services strives to recognize the diversity of our patients. Special meal requests are available:

  • Kosher Meals
  • Chinese Meals
  • Vegetarian Meals

Some patients may require therapeutic diets and nutrition education in conjunction with medical therapies. While in hospital, a patient can request a visit from a dietitian or diet technician. This request may be communicated through caregivers (i.e. doctors, nurses) or by circling "yes" to the "Do you want to be seen regarding your meals?" question on the patient menu.

The Department of Nutrition & Food Services also has a guest tray service. For a fee, guests may have a tray delivered to them. Please contact the Diet Office to inquire about this service.

Quality Control

Stringent quality control measures are in place to ensure patient satisfaction. Food service supervisors audit food temperatures, tray accuracy and tray distribution. Patient satisfaction surveys provide valuable feedback and identify opportunities for improvement.