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Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

 Our Synagogue is located on the Main Floor, behind the Second Cup.

Our Spiritual Oasis is at the top of the Main Floor escalator and to the left, in Room 432.

Mount Sinai Hospital respects the right of all people to their individual beliefs and religious affiliations and is committed to service that is characterized by care, compassion and concern for the whole person. This includes care for physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

When you are facing hard decisions, when you are feeling alone or in pain, your spirituality can be a source of guidance and hope. Our chaplains can assist you.

The chaplains at Mount Sinai Hospital are trained to offer multi-faith  spiritual care and support. We are represented by a Rabbi, an Ecumenical Chaplain, a Roman Catholic Chaplain and a Chaplain specializing in ICU and the Women's and Infants' Health Program.

If you want us to call someone from your own faith group, we will try to contact such a person. However, belonging to a religion is not necessary for chaplaincy support. 

Our chaplains can be of help when you:

  • need emotional and/or spiritual support
  • are feeling lonely, sad, discouraged
  • wish to receive a sacrament
  • have special religious needs (e.g. food, customs at birth or death)
  • need Sabbath candles, bible, prayer book, meditation tapes, etc. (these are available for your use while in hospital)
  • wish a ritual of healing and health according to your own faith tradition
  • are experiencing setbacks, have received bad news or are awaiting test results
  • have been in hospital a long time
  • are far from home
  • are experiencing loss or grief
  • are considering treatment options
  • want someone to pray with you


Contact Us

Our chaplains are available for spiritual care and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to patients, visitors and staff.

Prayer, meditation, and worship services are posted on the Chaplaincy board outside the Spiritual Oasis.

For more information, please call us at 416-586-4800, ext. 8567.