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Volunteers put themselves in patients’ shoes

Volunteer Stories

Owen Gottfried knows that the newly created drop-off area may be confusing for patients who need a little extra help entering and exiting the Hospital.

That’s why Gottfried and a team of other volunteers are standing at the ready in the new pick-up and drop-off area and waiting room, located at the end of the Human Resources hallway.

They are stationed there to answer any questions, help patients navigate the Hospital, and assist in arranging transportation for new mothers, mobility-impaired patients, elderly, or patients who need extra assistance.

“Coming to the Hospital can be an overwhelming experience for some patients,” says Gottfried, the lead volunteer serving the new drop-off area and waiting room. “The other volunteers and I find it gratifying to offer these patients assistance,” he says. “I do my best to imagine myself in the patient’s position so I can better understand and appreciate how I can help.”

The construction fencing at the back of the Hospital has made a big impact on mobility-impaired patients and others who now access Wheeltrans, taxi, or private transportation at the end of the Emergency driveway (close to Murray Street) instead of the Murray Street entrance.

“The volunteers are our eyes and ears in the new waiting space for our patients,” says Laura Macdougall, Director of the Redevelopment Project Office, Capital Projects. “They have been a tremendous help in getting patients where they need to go, and have been instrumental in providing recommendations on how we can improve the area and make the experience of entering and exiting the Hospital more pleasant and comfortable for patients. They are doing a great job!"

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