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Your health-care team

While in the Hospital, you may receive care from a wide variety of professionals.


Mount Sinai is both a clinical care centre and a teaching hospital. That means you will be cared for by team of doctors that can include:

  • an attending physician – the staff doctor responsible for your complete medical care;
  • a resident – a doctor continuing his/her education to specialize in one field of medicine; and
  • a medical student – a student doctor in his/her final year of medical school.

Attending physicians work on a rotation system so it is possible your care may not be supervised by the same physician throughout your stay. However, be assured that each attending physician is fully informed of your health-care needs.

If your personal physician is not assigned as your attending physician, he or she is encouraged to visit you regularly in the Hospital and to keep in close touch with the attending physician. You may also call your personal physician to tell him or her about your hospital stay. If you have questions about these arrangements, please speak to your primary nurse, personal physician, or attending physician.


Registered nurses play an essential role in your care while you are here. They help assess your condition regularly, administer and monitor your treatments and medications, discuss all aspects of your care with you, and make sure your physician is aware of any concerns.

In addition, registered nurses with advanced knowledge and practice regularly provide expertise and offer support to patients and families. They and all our nurses work collaboratively with the health-care team to ensure you receive the best care possible.


Proper nutrition care is an essential part of everyone's overall health, particularly if you are ill. Our dietitians work with the medical team to develop and implement nutrition care plans for patients after assessing their nutritional needs. If you need special nutritional care because of a condition, injury or illness, they will help you choose the best food for your needs, monitor what you eat and whatever supplements you might be taking, and make sure you understand any important instructions.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists might work with you if you have physical, cognitive, mental and environmental challenges. Their goal is to help you be as independent as possible in everyday activities. They might help you learn, or relearn, how to perform certain activities, provide your family or caregiver with education and support, or connect you to community resources for further help.

Registered Respiratory Therapists

Registered respiratory therapists (RRTs) are health-care professionals who assess, monitor and treat individuals with respiratory and cardiac disorders. RRTs are vital members of the health-care team and can be found in our intensive care unit, neonatal unit, operating rooms, general wards, coronary care unit and emergency department. RRTs treat patients of all ages, from caring for infants and children to adults, including geriatric patients.


We respect your right and the rights of all people to their individual beliefs and religious affiliations. Our chaplains are trained to offer multi-faith spiritual care and support and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to patients, visitors and staff. Prayer, meditation, and worship services are posted on the Chaplaincy board outside the Spiritual Oasis. For more information, please call us at 416-586-4800, ext. 8567. 

Social Workers

Integral members of the health care team, social workers help patients and families cope with the stress and difficult decisions often associated with illness and hospitalization. We have a wide range of services, including counselling and support as well as assistance with discharge planning and arranging of community services to ensure continuity of care. You can contact the Social Work Department by calling 416-586-4800, ext. 5201.


A Bioethicist is a professional who has been educated and trained to help people cope with ethical problems that arise in health care and research settings. The bioethicist for Mount Sinai Hospital is available to provide consultation services to our patients, families and staff regarding specific ethical problems in patient care or health care delivery. He can be reached at 416-586-4800 ext. 2163 or paged at 416-664-4916.


During your stay, you may need the services of one of our volunteers, who provide assistance in more than 100 different areas throughout the Hospital. These caring and dedicated people are here to make your experience more pleasant for you and your family. You may welcome a visit, a diversional activity, or a volunteer may help you prepare menus or provide assistance at mealtime.

Please ask your nurse to contact Volunteer Services with your special requests. We also have volunteers in the Surgical and Critical Care Waiting Rooms, to give family members access to timely information. Interpreters can be arranged by calling Volunteer Services.

For more information on all Volunteer Services contact 416-586-4800, ext. 8200.