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Welcome New Employees and Affiliates

Welcome and thank you for choosing Mount Sinai Hospital as your employer!  Mount Sinai Hospital is an internationally recognized acute-care academic health sciences centre affiliated with the University of Toronto and is dedicated to delivering excellence in patient and family-centred care, research and education. We have made excellence a part of who we are and what we do, every day.

The Hospital was built on the principles of respect and equality.  That legacy continues today with our commitment to health equity and to providing accessible, exceptional team-based care.

We foster a healthy and positive work environment that respects the dignity and diversity of each member of the community.  We also support a barrier-free, scent sensitive workplace that is built on the cornerstones of wellness and safety.

Everyone at Mount Sinai deserves to be treated with respect. You deserve it. So does everyone who works here.

We wish you success, satisfaction and a challenging experience at Mount Sinai Hospital.

List of Steps

Before You Start

Follow the 6 mandatory checklist items below, to prepare for your employment at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Complete these steps before your first day of work.

✔  Step 1 – Submit the completed Staff Immunization and Surveillance Policy information sheet

✔  Step 2 – Read our Occupational Health and Safety Policy and sign documents

✔  Step 3 – Complete all payroll documentation

✔  Step 4 – Read our terms and conditions of employment

✔  Step 5 – Complete a series of mandatory e-learning courses

✔  Step 6 – Review your final checklist

Scent sensitive accessibility markMount Sinai Hospital is a scent sensitive environment and all members of the community are expected to refrain from wearing or using scented products while visiting or working at the Hospital.  We also support a barrier-free workplace supported by the Hospital’s accessibility plan, accommodation and disability management policies and procedures.  As such all policies, forms and agreements will be provided in accessible formats upon request. Please call the Accommodation Phone Line at 416-586-4800 ext. 7050 or email [email protected]

Step 1: Staff Immunization and Surveillance Policy

The Mount Sinai Hospital Prospective Staff Immunization and Surveillance Policy, is based upon the OMA/OHA Communicable Disease Surveillance Protocols for Ontario Hospitals.  The purpose of the policy is to minimize risk of exposure and possible transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases to staff and patients.

You must submit the completed Staff Immunization and Surveillance Policy information sheet to the Occupational Health and Safety department no later than noon (12:00pm) on the Thursday before your potential start date.

You will not be allowed to start work without OHS confirming that this condition has been met. Mount Sinai Hospital is not responsible for any costs associated with securing documents required to satisfy this policy. MSH recognizes that prospective staff may have legitimate reasons related to the Human Rights Code for not having the required vaccinations.  If this is the case, you must notify OHS of your request for accommodation.  In these cases, the MSH Accommodation Policy will be followed.

Step 2: Occupational Health and Safety

In preparation for your first day at Mount Sinai Hospital, the following items need to be read, filled out and brought with you.

✔  Step 2 – Mandatory Occupational Health Review

Step 3: Complete all payroll documentation

You will be participating in documentation on your first day. This is required in order for you to receive your first scheduled pay.

In preparation for documentation, you will need to download, fill out and bring these completed forms below to orientation.

✔  Please click here to download the 2023 Documentation Package

If you have any questions regarding this information before orientation, please contact Human Resources at (416) 586-4800 ext.5040.

Step 4: Read our terms and conditions of employment

The terms and conditions of your employment are governed by Hospital policies and procedures, which may be amended from time to time. The Hospital’s employee intranet site is the primary location where these policies and procedures can be found. As an employee of the Hospital it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of these policies and procedures.  Access to the Hospital’s intranet site will be available once you are on site.

Depending on your position and employment type you may be represented by a union. Should this be the case, it will be specified in your offer of employment. If your position is included in one of the bargaining units, your terms and conditions of employment are set out in a collective agreement. Wherever terms or conditions of employment in a collective agreement differ from those of the Hospital, the collective agreement will prevail. A copy of your collective agreement will be provided to you by a representative from your union.

In preparation for your first day at Mount Sinai Hospital, the Confidentiality Agreement and Conflict of Interest need to be read, signed and brought with you.

Review Employment Standards Act Fact Sheet (ESA)

All new employees and affiliates must review the Employment Standards Act (ESA) Fact Sheet


Step 5: Complete a series of mandatory e-learning courses

You are required to complete six (6) mandatory eLearning modules on the Thursday before your potential start date. The website for the module is

Please download this guide and follow the instructions to complete the mandatory training.

Unable to login? Please contact [email protected]

Step 6: Review your final checklist



New Employee Information Form – General employee information, including emergency contacts.

Direct Deposit Form – Banking information for your pay deposit. Please attach a void cheque or have your financial institution complete the document.

TD1 – Completed Federal Tax Form

TD1ON – Completed Provincial Tax Form

Employee Profile Information – Please provide information regarding your education, licenses, certifications etc.

Social Insurance Number (SIN) card or any government document that can confirm your SIN (e.g. Notice of Assessment, ROE). If your social insurance number begins with a “9”, please also bring your valid work permit as it is our policy to photocopy both for our files.

Signed Confidentiality Agreement

Signed Conflict of Interest Agreement

Completed Health Review Questionnaire


Your First Day

Please refer to your offer of employment letter for the date that you have been scheduled for documentation at Mount Sinai Hospital, 600 University, 18th floor auditorium.

Important: Under no circumstances are you permitted to commence work until your staff immunization and surveillance form has been sent to and cleared by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Department. Refer to step 1.

Note: All completed forms and agreements will be placed in your employee file, except the Health Review Questionnaire and Prospective Immunization and Surveillance Policy Information Sheet, which will be placed in your Occupational Health and Safety file.

After Completing Your Documentation

After you have completed your documentation, you are officially ready to begin working at Mount Sinai Hospital. Your department will provide any necessary training that is specific to your role. We wish you all the best in your career here at Mount Sinai Hospital. Welcome!