Voice Therapy


Voice Assessment: In a voice assessment, a speech language pathologist (SLP) takes a detailed medical history of your voice problems and conducts a series of acoustic measurements to evaluate your current vocal function.  If indicated, you may have pictures of your vocal folds taken using a special piece of medical equipment that can view them both at rest and in motion.

Voice Therapy: In voice therapy, an SLP guides you through a series of breathing and vocal exercises to help you achieve a healthier voice.  The SLP will also develop with you specific strategies you can use at work and/or home to help keep your voice healthy.

Voice therapy helps treat:

  • Treatment is available for certain vocal lesions and/or laryngeal tension resulting in: hoarseness; breathiness; increased effort when speaking; vocal fatigue or pain; reduced pitch range; difficulty singing
  • Treatment is available for individuals diagnosed with irritable larynx syndrome / paradoxical vocal fold motion