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Dentistry News

News, updates and announcements from the Department of Denistry - Mount Sinai Hospital, Sinai Health System


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Dentalcorp and Sinai Health System Partner to form the Centre for Advance Dental Research & Care

The Centre for Advanced Dental Research & Care, a clinical and research partnership between Sinai Health System and the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, with the philanthropic and leadership support of dentalcorp, was announced today. Dedicated to addressing some of the most misunderstood and complex dental, periodontal and orofacial conditions, the Centre will be chaired by Dr. Howard Tenenbaum, Dentist-in-Chief at Sinai Health System.


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Targeting Gum Disease

The mouth is a powerful window into the health of the human body. Inflammation of the gums can be associated with theart disease, gut health and autoimmune conditions. But the significance of these links is not understood or appreciated fully.


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New Centre for Advance Dental Research and Diagnosis to Focus on Under-Researched Oral Disesase

Researchers and clinicians from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry and clinicials from Mount Sinai Hosptial are forming a new partnership to focus on the study of under-researched and complex oral conditions.


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Why This Dentist Pays People to Not Brush Their Teeth for Two Weeks

From his periodontal practive in Hamilton, Ontario, Dr. Michael Glogauer regularly sees partients with periodontal disease, some with an aggressive form of the disease that is resistant to treatment.


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The Mount Sinai Hospital Dental Clinic: A Place for All Patients

People with complex medical conditions, disability and rare or difficult-to-diagnose conditions travel to Toronto from across the country to access the expertise of the hospital clinic's dentists and specialists.


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Dental Department’s Inaugural Continuing Education Symposium a Resounding Success

The dental department held its first continuing education program at the Chestnut Residence and Conference Center on March 31st, 2017.  The program, entitled “Update in Dentistry: What you have always wanted to know about the relationship between dentistry and medicine but were afraid to ask”, was well-attended by over 125 dentists and dental auxillary.