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Patients and Families

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Patients and Families

Every cancer is different, just as every patient is different. Your cancer care team will develop a treatment plan that addresses your cancer and your life circumstances.

It is natural for patients, their caregivers and families to experience a wide range of emotions and have questions on what to expect, support and symptoms.

Our focus goes beyond treating the disease and includes treating patients and their families. This section provides general information about cancer care at Mount Sinai.


An Overview of Cancer Care at Mount Sinai

Cancer care experts at Sinai Health provide you with the best possible care and the latest advances in treatment.


Coming to the Hospital

A list of information you need on what to bring, where to park and what to expect.


Managing Symptoms

Information about common symptoms side effects, and how to manage them.


Coping With Cancer

Practical Information about addressing the challenges of living with a cancer diagnosis.


Advance Care Planning

Thinking about “what is important to you” and what makes your life meaningful.


Palliative Care

Access to experts in symptom management and living with advanced cancer.