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Miles Nadal Heart Centre

The Miles Nadal Heart Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital is a world leader in cardiac care and research for advanced heart failure. It was established in 2018 thanks to a landmark gift from philanthropist and business leader Miles Nadal.

A destination cardiology centre specializing in distinct patient populations

Five per cent of Canadians live with heart disease and every seven minutes it kills one of them. Heart disease is also the primary reason people over age 65 are hospitalized. About 31,000 heart patients consult with our cardiac physicians every year.

The Miles Nadal Heart Centre is propelled by research to better understand heart function in different populations, such as the difference in men’s and women’s hearts. Research aimed at tailoring treatment to gender will save the lives of about 35,000 women admitted to hospital for heart attacks in Canada each year.

With a strong academic research mandate, the Centre will also be home to Canada’s only research-dedicated cardiac catheterization lab – the Mecklinger-Posluns Cardiac Catheterization Research Laboratory. The Centre uses state-of-the-art imaging to look at the mechanics of the heart and is at the international forefront of understanding heart disease. Through the cath lab, its world-renowned scientists are also studying some of the most fit people in the world, looking at the impact of exercise on athletes’ hearts and allowing patients with heart and lung disease to safely return to exercise.