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Perineal Trauma after Childbirth: Mount Sinai Perineal Clinic

Perineal Trauma after Childbirth: Mount Sinai Perineal Clinic

The Mount Sinai Perineal Clinic at Sinai Health sees patients who experience obstetrical anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) during birth.

We support the health needs of our patients following perineal trauma after birth.

Perineal tears are damage to the area between the vagina and the anus during childbirth, and have a range of severity. Obstetrical anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) include deeper injury to the muscles around the anus, and are termed third- or fourth-degree tears, depending on the depth of injury.

Everyone is different and recovery will vary. The majority of patients recover without any complications or problems. Specialist physiotherapy treatment is also available.

Vaginal delivery is possible in future births, but some people opt for caesarean section to minimize future pelvic floor damage.

There is support available for emotional and mental health needs following birth. Talk to your health care professional about what is available.

Four to six per cent

Of vaginal births result in third- or fourth-degree tears

Early follow-up

Mount Sinai Perineal Clinic will offer early follow-up within one to two weeks of birth after a third- or fourth-degree tear

Specialty clinic

The Mount Sinai Perineal Clinic is a specialty clinic focused on patients who sustain severe perineal trauma after delivery

Frequently Asked Questions: Perineal tears 

Information on the types of perineal tears, available treatments, healing advice and follow-up care.

Pelvic floor exercises (PDF) 

Pelvic floor exercises after experiencing a tear can help with your recovery, following the advice of your care team.

Mount Sinai Perineal Clinic Referral Form

Patients must be referred to the Mount Sinai Perineal Clinic by their obstetrician, midwife or other care provider. Currently we only see patients who deliver at Mount Sinai Hospital.

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Early Assessment (one to two weeks after delivery): Drs. Melissa Walker and Evan Tannenbaum
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Delayed Assessment: Dr. May Alarab
700 University Avenue, 8th Floor
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Information for care providers

If you would like to receive our quick reference guide on how to diagnose and repair perineal tears, please contact us at [email protected].