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Our Team

The sarcoma team stresses a holistic patient-centered approach to care. In order to support this type of care the team is composed of many different specialties.

Some of the team members you may meet are:


GI Oncology:


Dr Swallow Dr. Rebecca Gladdy
Dr. Swallow    Dr. Gladdy

Medical Imaging:  Meet the team at

Medical Oncology:
Dr. Hogg
Dr. Albi Razak

Orthopaedic Surgical: 
Dr Ferguson      Dr Wunder          
Dr. Ferguson           Dr. Wunder             

Dr. Howarth
Dr. Kandel

Radiation Oncology:
Dr. Catton
Dr. Chung
Dr. O'Sullivan



NursingNurses play a very integral role in the care of the patient on the sarcoma unit. The nursing team is composed of all registered nurses who work under a primary nursing model. These nurses are familiar with all aspects of treatment including chemotherapy and surgery. Often you will have the same nurse for all treatment which allows you to get to know one another very well. The nurses on the unit are very involved in maintaining and furthering professional knowledge. They are often involved in teaching educational programs within the unit and Hospital and also attend and present at many national and international nursing conferences.

Nursing Unit Administrator:
Christina Fabbruzzo-Cota

Clinical Nurse Specialist:
Srihari Mistry


Occupational Therapy

The role of the occupational therapist on the Sarcoma team is to assess and provide recommendations and treatments for patients who undergo surgeries related to orthopedic oncology in order to maximize their functional independence. 

These recommendations may include family education, prescription of assistive devices to enhance management of activities of daily living (ADLs) — e.g. getting dressed, toileting, taking a shower, doing laundry, cooking, and child-caring), education on energy conservation, strategies to manage daily activities with use of only one hand post surgery, and provide strategies to cope with phantom pain/sensation after the amputation of a limb.

The occupational therapist often fabricates custom-made splints to assist with positioning of a joint/limb as requested by a surgeon. She also collaborates with other members on the team (e.g. nurses, physiotherapist, surgeons, social worker and CCAC coordinator) to facilitate and plan for discharges.



PhysiotherapyThe Physiotherapist on the sarcoma team is Sarah McCutcheon. Physiotherapy plays an integral role in the post-operative care of patients with sarcoma by offering exercises and energy conservation plans during chemotherapy.

In collaboration with the whole team, physiotherapy addresses patient and family education, initiation and progression of mobility, exercise rehabilitation, and optimizing independence.


Social Work

There are many different aspects of your care that the social worker may play a role in. The social worker is available to provide psychosocial support and crisis intervention for individuals, couples and families. Social work services include: assisting patients and families with issues such as education, accommodation, the admission process, transportation and bereavement services.

The social worker also facilitates and co-ordinates access to social services including financial support/issue and often offers linkages for patients to previous patients with similar diagnoses. Social work also plays an active role in discharge planning involving community based services and operates two sarcoma support groups — one for patients and one for caregivers that meet monthly. The social worker also helps patients and families in building coping skills and strategies.


Service Assistants

Service AssistantsThe sarcoma unit has a wonderful team of service assistants. These are the people who maintain the cleanliness of the unit and generally help the nurses on the unit.

There are many other services that may be accessed during your stay in hospital. Other members of our team include: psychiatry, chaplaincy, pharmacy and community care (home care). These members are available and accessed as needed.