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Schwartz/ Reisman Emergency Centre

Schwartz/Reisman Emergency Centre

Our patient and family-centred approach is anchored in our commitment to ensuring the best patient experience.

The Schwartz/Reisman Emergency Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital serves more than 60,000 patients a year, informed by leading research to help improve emergency care.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Find your way to the hospital.

Anticipating higher wait times

We have recently been experiencing higher than normal wait times in our Emergency Department. This fluctuates depending on a number of factors, including availability of resources and staffing within the hospital. Everyone who registers will be seen by the medical team, but are triaged and not necessarily seen in order of arrival. 

If you are not having an emergency, please consider other options for care, including contacting your family physician or specialist, Health Connect Ontario, or using the Toronto Virtual Emergency Department.

We appreciate your patience as we work to provide safe and compassionate care to the community.

What you need to know before coming to our Emergency Department

As a result of increasing volumes and physical space limitations, we cannot accommodate visitors in our Emergency Department waiting rooms. For more information, please review this page that outlines visitor access for the Emergency Department during COVID-19.

A number of improvement initiatives are underway. To help plan your visit, here is a map showing the Emergency Department entrance and walkways.

What to Expect 

An overview of what to expect when visiting our Emergency Department

Schwartz/Reisman Emergency Medicine Institute 

Bringing together Canada’s leading minds in emergency medicine to improve emergency care, education and research

Renew Sinai 

Expanding and redesigning our Emergency Department to better protect the health and well-being of patients

ED Discharge Instructions and Resources 

Trusted, evidence-based resources from the Emergency Department at Mount Sinai Hospital to help you manage your care after discharge

About our Emergency Department

We were the first acute care hospital in Canada to make geriatrics a key strategic priority in emergency care. We offer older adult-friendly care initiatives and also provide a youth navigation program in the Emergency Department: 

  • Older adults are supported by Geriatric emergency management (GEM) nurses highly-trained in engaging patients to assess for potential mental health or cognitive challenges. This patient-centred approach includes supports such as arranging for resources and services in the community.
  • Maximizing aging using volunteer engagement (MAUVE) program initiates support for older adults. Specially-trained volunteers work closely with the care team to provide patients with companionship and functional support.
  • The Pathway to Peers program supports youth and young adult patients, ages 16 to 29 who come to the Emergency Department with mental health and addiction needs.

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