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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to some of our Frequently Asked Questions below:

A: Our 5-step intake process was developed to ensure all volunteers are processed and considered properly.

  1. Application, Reference Check & Resume: Submit your fully completed application package to the email provided on the application
  2. Interview: Only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview
  1. Health Screening: Upon conditional acceptance, you will be provided with a Health Screening Form that will need to be completed by you and your physician (or walk-in clinic) and submitted to our Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) department. You MUST be cleared before starting your position
  1. In-Person Orientation: Accepted applicants will attend a 2-3 hour orientation session at the hospital
  1. Volunteer Placement: Once cleared by OHS, volunteers are selected and placed according to availability and the specific needs of hospital departments (please note that specific placements cannot be guaranteed)

A: We go through applications in the order of which we receive them. We will only contact successful candidates. Please note that our number may show up as “Private” or “No Caller ID.” We ask that you give us a few weeks to process your application, especially if you have submitted closer to the deadline when we get an extremely high volume of applicants.

A: The process to become a volunteer involves 5 steps: 1) Application, Reference Check & Resume, 2) Interview, 3) Health Screening, 4) In-Person Orientation, 5) Placement. We aim to register volunteers as quickly as possible but some of the process can only be completed by you and your physician. Only successful candidates will be provided with a form to bring to their doctor that requires multiple visits. You must be cleared by OHS in order to begin, no exceptions. Obtaining clearance can take up to 8 weeks so it is important to keep on top of this.

A: You can still apply. On your application please indicate that you do not know your exact schedule yet, list the reason why, and list the approximate date that you will know your schedule.

A: We do consider your preferences however we cannot guarantee any specific placement. Volunteers are selected and placed according to availability and the specific needs of hospital departments. After you are cleared by OHS and have attended an orientation, you will meet with our Volunteer Coordinator to be placed.

A: We do not place volunteers in research positions. This is done through self-referral from a researcher who can contact us with their request to have you as a volunteer. Once confirmed, we can initiate the orientation and paperwork process.

A: Successful applicants will be required to complete a two-step TB test that may have costs associated with it. You can inquire with your physician or a walk-in clinic about costs (approximately $80.00). Volunteers are also required to purchase a non-returnable vest for $25.00 cash only. Please note that Mount Sinai does not reimburse for any of these costs.

A: You will still need to be cleared by Mount Sinai’s OHS department in order to volunteer here. Successful candidates will receive information regarding immunization clearance and be given instructions on how to communicate with our OHS department.

A: Please get in touch with our Volunteer Resources Coordinator to guide you in the steps of becoming an active volunteer again.

A: Co-op educational experiences at MSH are arranged through schools. You would need to apply for a co-op position through your school.

A: We do not have any placements for volunteers on evenings or weekends except in rare circumstances where there is a need.

A: Volunteer roles have boundaries and do not include any tasks that are only to be performed by trained healthcare professionals or unionized workers. As a volunteer, you will not be given the opportunity to practice or develop your clinical skills or treat patients in any form.

A: No. All volunteers must commit to a minimum of 4 months volunteering, so completing only 40 hours would not be feasible.

A: No. For patient privacy, confidentiality and health and safety reasons, we do not offer shadowing.